Create memories that will last a lifetime with our cutting edge home automation solutions. Use home automation to manage lights, thermostats, smart locks, shades, entertainment, and even security, from virtually anywhere with one single App. Our clients constantly ask us to improve their home automation system. Every day there is something new that we can customize in a home. The list is never ending. We guarantee there is a suitable setting available in an instant for all your needs. From a smart pool, to a smart TV, to a smart home. We can make it happen and more importantly is that everything connects with only one device.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  • Before going to work, you turn your A/C off on a hot August day. Do not wait until you arrive home to readjust the thermostat. Turn it on before leaving the office and arrive home to the perfect temperature. Now all there is to do is relax on your couch, watch TV, and wait for your spouse to get home.
  • You leave your house in a hurry to go pick up the kids and forget to turn off the lights, lock the front door, and can’t remember if you left your dog outside. With us, that is not a problem. It is as simple as picking up your smartphone to turn off the lights, lock your front door and tap on your video surveillance to double-check where your dog is.
  • Waking up on Saturday afternoon after a long week at work. With a single click you can have the ability to turn on the lights and open your shades to let the sun pour in. Then turn on the stereo and put your favorite morning song. What a way to wake up!