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Welcome to your new Smart Home in Miami

Letter from CEO. Javier López. I believe that success can only occur when knowledge and passion intertwine and the progress could be a real fact if the human works all project, even the most insignificant task, had been crafted with passion. Passion is what motivates AVL Solutions to offer the finest…


October. 13, 2016

How low voltage solutions improves Smart Homes in Miami

A low low voltage solutions consists of 12 volts of electricity via a power transformer attached to a standard outlet. This innovative lighting system offers numerous benefits. It is widely used in Smart Homes in Miami, as well as in commercial and industrial buildings.     A homeowner who needs to…


September. 28, 2016

Turn your Miami Home into a smart entertainment center

Do you own an smart entertainment center? Do you have a basket full of remote controls to use it? Wouldn’t it be nice to control all of your devices with one simple remote? Submerge yourself in this new approach to living. We want to show you how your family room,…


September. 19, 2016