A low low voltage solutions consists of 12 volts of electricity via a power transformer attached to a standard outlet. This innovative lighting system offers numerous benefits. It is widely used in Smart Homes in Miami, as well as in commercial and industrial buildings.    

A homeowner who needs to run a wire along the ground to put lights along a walkway frequently uses low voltage. However, low voltage is used to control your irrigation system, as well as to illuminate your pool, or anything else related to home automation.

Uncover the benefits of getting a low voltage solutions in your Smart Home in Miami:

  • You can install low voltage lights without turning off the main power supply.
  • There is no discernible difference in the quality of light between low and line voltage lights.
  • Low voltage is cool to the touch, and generates minimal heat to its surroundings.      
  • With a low voltage system you have a wider variety of options when choosing the type light bulb. 
  • Unlike regular house current, low voltage is harmless. If tampered by your pet, or exposed to rain, there is no risk of electrocution.   

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