Start saving energy and money today! Uncover the infinite solutions of energy savings with us. AVL Solutions has smart home products for every client and its specific needs. For example, there is, Control 4. Before we go on, I suggest you just call us today so you can live the experience, the home automation experience, in our showroom right in Brickell. We like to show more than tell.

However, we do promise you on thing. All of our products are not only convenient, safe, and fun, but have a positive influence towards your pocket (at least in the future it will) and the environment. When you finally convert your home into a smart home you will be ecstatic that you finally made the leap. Our exclusively customized systems meet the needs of your residential, business and commercial premises. With so many technological advances, our smart technology will not only save you money, but it will help you make an eco-friendly home or business.

We know you will fall in love with home automation!

Also, We love green and we want you to love that too! With have the most basic home automation features to the most sophisticated systems, AVL will help you implement it all:
-Automatic Timers
-Motion Detectors
-Light Dimmers
… Of course, these are just a few.

And, remember, even though most of our energy bill goes towards lights, there are other factors such as pool pumps and pool heaters (which AVL Solutions are experts in too) that also influence our monthly bill.

Let us help you implement at your home or business an energy efficient system that works for you. AVL Solutions main priority is our clients. And a client with a lower electric utility bill is always happy!

FUN FACT: Dimming lights 25% with our home automated system is barely noticeable to the human eye and it will save you up to 20% on energy consumption.