Turn Your Home Into An Entertainment Center


Do you already own an entertainment center but have a box full of remote controls and use each one individually to get everything going? Submerge yourself in this new approach to living. We want to show you how your new family room entertainment or even your high-resolution multi-media room system will be enjoyed like never before. An entertainment system can consist of just a few of our best audio speakers, or it can mean having a full home theater with cinema-quality sights and sounds. We want to architect and fine-tune your system until it is working flawlessly and made simple enough that even th ose that consider themselves ‘technology challenged’ will be able to operate it.

We can install a one-room remote like you have never seen before. Imagine using a single remote with a single App. For casual family rooms there is an ideal starter system from one of our brands priced at just $600 US MSRP, the Control4 EA-1 Controller and SR-260 Remote. It can control all the entertainment equipment for any TV in your house. It controls entertainment devices like Blu-ray players, satellite boxes, game consoles, and TV’s; the coolest feature is that it has the power to manage lights, thermostats, smart locks, and more. What’s more, the EA-1 offers advanced entertainment capabilities like high-resolution streaming from services such as Deezer and TIDAL, along with some of our clients favorites like Pandora, Spotify, and TuneIn. However, for a premiere multi-room experience there are other remote controls. But all have one thing in common. They are user-friendly remotes with just one click clients can enjoy simultaneous streams of high-resolution music.