Our powerful, affordable network solutions emphasize scalability and reliability. Advanced infrastructure solutions, new storage innovations and a complete range of enterprise products and services makes it easier for you to take your data center to the maximum level of high-tech. Additionally, the physical infrastructure is agile enough to support the new switching technologies and application requirements.

Wireless and wired networking both have its advantages. Many of us dread a room full of tangled cables, making a wireless network the perfect solution. You will have it up and running in no time to fit in with your busy mobile schedule.

However, for a more complete approach wired networking could be for you. Don’t be fooled: while in today’s society cables are sometimes misinterpreted as outdated, in this case they are not. The physical connection ensures a significantly faster and reliable speed, and AVL Solutions will test and confirm this speed with our cabling certification devices. With the option of choosing from either fiber or copper we will gladly educate you so your cables work flawlessly while suiting your every need.