Discover the diversity of our security systems. From perimeter security to indoor security; we offer the simplest and the finest security product lines. Whether you are looking for a video surveillance solution for your home, business, or a much bigger facility such a manufacturing plant, we can meet your needs. Let us show you how these cameras can be viewed from any room or mobile device you want. Now, you can know when the kids get home, see who is outside your front gate, monitor staff, and open or close doors, entryways and even gates remotely. We guarantee you will now be at peace at all times.

If video surveillance does not fulfill your needs, fiber optic sensors will. The fiber optic sensor cable is immune to the effects of EMI, lighting, radio frequency transmissions, and magnetic fields, giving you a reliable and durable sensor.

In addition, our systems are based on IP network technologies. This allows you to control access to multiple spaces by granting or denying admission. Our solutions incorporate different identification elements that can all be installed under one infrastructure. Depending on your request, we can install simple or complex solutions. Our simpler systems range from cards to tag access controls, while our complex systems vary from high-tech long-range readers to biometric (fingerprint and face recognition) technology.